Crepe Paper Flower DIY

April 3, 2019

We are getting into full swing spring over here and we are loving it! Any added touch of flowers is a okay with me, so I decided to add a festive floral touch to our drinks! These are super easy and will make any drink instantly more cheery!

To make these you'll need straws, yellow streamer crepe paper, white streamer crepe paper, green streamer crepe paper, scissors, and tape. Start by cutting three pieces of your white streamer about 4" long and one piece of your yellow streamer also 4" long.

Start by wrapping your yellow paper around the straw

Then pull the paper off the straw still rolled up and cut it vertically about half way up the paper three to four times

Then unroll your yellow paper, this created your fringe


Then roll it back onto your straw and push the pieces of fringe down to create the center of your flower. Use a small piece of tape to hold this in place

Next stack your three pieces of white paper on top of each other, fold it in half along the short end and cut a small slit in the middle of your fold. This is where the straw will slide into

Then using one piece of white paper at a time slide it onto the straw up to the yellow fringe. Then fold and manipulate the paper to form a petal shape. You just have to play with it a little bit to get the shape you want. Holding white petal in place slide the next piece of white paper onto the straw and repeat with all white pieces

Once you have all your petals in place use a small piece of green paper (long enough to wrap around the straw) and wrap it around the base of the flower to hold all the petals in place. Then use a small piece of tape and tape it onto the green paper holding the entire flower in place


Et voila! Tell me those don't make you want to throw a spring party right away!

I hope it's getting sunny and warm where you live already but even if it's not, take this party inside and you'll still be feeling all the spring time feels!



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