Ulte's Favorite Healthy Cookbook!

April 10, 2019

Originally, I was going to title this post "My Magic Solution For Hating to Cook Cause It Feels too Long and Complicated, But You Still Want to Eat Healthy," but, shockingly, it didn't fit.  HA!  


Anywho, it's #WellnessWednesday, which has turned into one of my favorite days of the week here at Soma & Ulte.  As we've said before, Connie and I have been on a health adventure this year and it as become a very important part of our lifestyle.  It's so important now that even I (Miss I-Would-Rather-Eat-Out) has started to make a ritual out of creating dishes. 


As you all know by now from our Friday posts, Connie has always been the regular Martha Stewart, but I have a harder time in the kitchen.... until I found my new favorite cookbook!!  It's called, "GOOD CLEAN FOOD: Super Simple Plant-Based Recipes for Everyday," and I particularly love it because the recipes are actually super simple, delicious, and (for someone who is inspired by imagery) it has the most beautiful rainbow-colored, drool-worthy photos.  



This cookbook was written by Lily Kunin, blogger for @cleanfooddirtycity .  To be honest, I didn't even know or follow her instagram before this, but I ran into her book while I was perusing through the local Eataly with my in-laws, and I've been obsessed ever since.  Lily seems like a cool gal.  Living in NYC inspired her to create simple recipes because grocery shopping was so difficult and expensive, so out of necessity she got creative.  Ugh, my faaaavorite kind of inspo, except my version of creativity from survival was eating spaghetti every day because pasta and Ragu was dirt cheap lol.  Here is Lily, doing what she does best!



Outside of a few Thai meals I've memorized, I'm not awesome at preparing new dishes, so it was super helpful to invite a friend over to do the first recipe with me.  We were on a major time limit for her because we spent a lot of time getting the ingredients and gabbing and she still needed to eat before going to her event.  Therefore, this was the ultimate test for exactly hooow "simple" are we talking?  But after 14 minutes of cooking (and that included cutting, washing, and the actual stove parts), we had a beautiful meal for 2. 


(For the record this picture has nothing to do with what we made, I juts couldn't find an image of the Beach Quinoa Salad online)


If you're curious, we did the BEACH QUINOA SALAD.  We even went off book and added some sauteed mushrooms and we still managed to be done in very little time!  On top of that, it passed my flavor test.  For those that know me, everything that I eat is usually doused in spiciness or packed with flavor.  I blame my amazing Thai chef of a mom for that.  And on top of that I'm a meat lover, and of course, there's no meat!  The reason why I chose this cookbook was also because I wanted to add more plants in my tummy and now that I can make them super delicious, I have zero excuses not to eat them.  



FYI:  the book also features smoothies, other bowls, snacks, and even skincare treatments made from food. 


So if you're looking for a guide for your new healthy life, I highly recommend grabbing "GOOD CLEAN FOOD."  It has really changed my whole thinking about what it means to be healthy because it does NOT have to mean eating bland, expensive, and time-consuming meals.  In fact, eating well can actually be FUN!




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