Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

April 12, 2019

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays! This is probably pretty obvious, but it's mostly because of what the holiday represents, my savior is risen! What better reason to celebrate than that?! But for as long as I can remember Easter has always been a big deal in my family with the pimped out Easter baskets and neighborhood wide easter egg hunts!

In fact, here's a picture of my sister, my dad, and me on Easter in I would guess 1989/1990? I look about 4 of 5 years old in this right? Please note the head to toe matching outfits of course...ahh the 80s/90s. Also please forgive the crummy iPhone picture of a picture : /

Anyway, back to current day Easter. I've heard of naturally dyed easter eggs many times of course but had never given them a whirl so I thought it was high time I try! And I gotta say I am so happy with the colors! I really expected them not to be as vibrant as they are while still maintaining more natural hues than the Paas we're all so used to and fond of.

I followed Heather's "recipes" from THIS blog; seeing as she had already done the leg work in just how much it takes to get each color I didn't see any need to reinvent the wheel, and it worked like a charm! 

I dyed both white and brown eggs to see how each color would do and I was impressed that the color showed up on the brown eggs as well. I did leave my eggs in the color baths overnight so that's why I got such great saturation. Which leads me to my next point...

This is not exactly kid friendly. Of course you could do this with the little ones but I don't imagine any age kid's attention span being into this. You have to prep the dyes ahead of time (over a hot stove so this part really isn't so kid friendly) and then let the eggs soak as long as possible. However I will say that you can totally go on to put stickers and paint all over them once they're done and let the kiddos have a field day! And with these more muted tones I really love how you can decorate with them without it looking likes peeps exploded all over your home. And bonus! Since it's made with all natural FOOD ingredients that we already eat they're entirely safe to eat as well! No concerns about what may have seeped into the eggs from those little color tabs. 

Honestly I think I may have found a new favorite Easter tradition! So what do y'all think? Think you'll give it a try? I highly recommend it! Happy Friday and 10 days until Easter!!



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