5 Neutral Pieces For A Hot Destination

April 15, 2019



It's midway through April and I'm already mentally packing for my trip to Kauai in May!  I'll be going for a special retreat that I'll share with you all when I get back, but I am already counting down the days.  I've only been to Oahu in the past, which is beautiful, but the islands have been calling me back for years!  Have you been to Kauai?  I'd love to hear any and all of your travel  tips!  


In the meantime, I figured I'd share with you my top 5 pieces I'll be bringing with me on all of my tropical/warm temped vacations this year!  In no particular order:


1.  Straw Hat(s)


As much as I love the sun, I still want to make sure to protect my face from the harsh rays.  I know Connie has said that it helps reduce wrinkles, which is key for us ladies in our 30s, but I personally need a hat to protect my blemishes from getting even darker.  I love being able to tan quickly, but it certainly has its downfalls.  I've been struggling with blemishes that have not gone away since October so I need to particularly get as little sun on my face as possible to combat the dark spots.  Also, it's an easy accessory to quickly elevate your style.  I love straw hats because they're breathable and light.  I got this straw one from J. Crew and wear it to the beach often.  I love its floppy wide brim.  You guys first saw it on this blog post here.



And/or I'll bring my Dobbs waxed panama hat that my husband bought for me for my birthday.  He really knows me lol.  I've been looking for a white wide brimmed hat that won't crush easily and this is it!  I love the black ribbon because it goes well with a lot of my clothes.  


 It's also not too wide that it it cumbersome.  I can wear it forward and get my entire face in the shade or I can wear it back more for style.  


2.  A Versatile White/Cream/Off White Top



I got this Mandy Cami from Cotton On, which is a store that is very affordable.  I don't tend to bring my most expensive pieces on vacation if I can help it.  I know luggage gets lost, terrain is unpredictable, and I'm an overall clumsy eater LOL.  Particularly with white, which is a high maintenance color, I like to get affordable pieces so I can either get multiples if I REAAAALLY love it or I can get it stained without feeling my heart drop to my feet.  What I love about this top is that the shoulder straps are loose ties.  There are numerous benefits to this.  They are easily adjustable to fit numerous body types, I can tie the front straps together to create a halter top or I can tuck all the ties under the elastic band and have a strapless top.  This top was only $19.99!


3.  A Flowy Skirt



I love shorts, but I prefer skirts when I'm on vacation.  Whether short or maxi, anything that is flowy has more opportunity for a nice breeze for your legs, and let's be honest, your crotch hahaha.  There's nothing worse than swamp ass on a hot day!  


 I don't know if these two pieces were made for each other, but I love that they are from the same material and has the same elastic top.  This Woven Tyra Textured Skirt is a great addition to your summer vacay wardrobe because the elastic waist is non-restricting, it's casual enough to wear with a tshirt and flip flops or dressy enough to wear with a nice top and heels!


 4.  A Nice Pair of White Pants



I think it's important to have a nice pair of white pants (either stretchy denim or linen) because it isn't always warm at night.  When you're closer to the beach, it can get quite breezy and you'll need a nice pair of pants to keep you warm.  Why I love a nice neutral white pair is that it looks very high end and classy.  It can also be worn with a bright top and you're ready for anything.  It's also great for those who don't want to show too much skin.  A nice, flowy linen pair can even serve as a bathing suit cover up!

  5.  A Neutral One Piece Bathing Suit 






































I love a one piece bathing suit because it can easily be used as top on the sizzling days.  The less layers the better and also, you're more prepared to take a dip at any point of the along your adventure.  I can either wear this bathing suit with my white pants or my skirt and I can call it a day.  No decision fatigue!


Here are some ways I've styled one piece bathing suits in the past:


Green Means Go OOTD



Floral Fun OOTD



Is this getting you in the mood to pack?  I may start now... I know, I'm insane.  




Soma & Ulte

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