Macrame Feather DIY

April 15, 2019

Happy Friday y'all! I have such a versatile DIY for you today and it takes next to no time to make! So let's jump right get started you'll need single twist cotton string (cotton yarn is what I used), sharp scissors, fabric stiffener, and a wire bristle cat brush.


You'll need to cut:

1 piece 24" for the spine

24 14" pieces for the top

20 12" pieces for the middle

16 10" pieces for the bottom

Start by folding your 24" piece in half. This will be your spine


Then fold one of your 14" pieces in half and place it under your spine 

Next fold another 14" piece in half and thread the loop side of your piece through the loop of your first 14" piece

Then thread the tails of your first 14" piece through the loop of your second 14" piece loop, then pull it tight

Then you repeat the same steps but you'll alternate the starting side

Continue this process all the way down your spine until you've used up all of your cut pieces working your way down from the 14" pieces to the 10" pieces. At this point you can give it a rough trim but you'll be really shaping it into a feather shape more later. Now take your cat brush and brush out the yarn. I suggest doing this either on a cardboard box or brown paper bag to protect whatever surface you're working on. It will take a few brushes to fully comb out the yarn.

Once it's all brushed out spray on your fabric stiffener. If you don't use the fabric stiffener the yarn will just flop down. Allow your feather to dry for a couple hours

 Then go back in with a sharp pair of scissors and cut it into your feather shape. You're done!



You can use these as a decorative way to display your jewelry on your dresser as I did, you can use them as a wall hanging, you could make them in a bigger size and use them as a placemat or charger for a table setting or you could even make them in a teeny tiny version and turn them into an adorable mobile for a baby's room! And keep in mind you could make these in any and all colors of the rainbow! And after you see how east these are to make you might just want to do all of those things! 


Happy Easter Weekend!


Soma & Ulte









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