Why It's Necessary To Unplug

April 17, 2019

pic via Gray Malin


June and I both work freelance jobs which means if we take time off to go on a vacation or even if we're sick we're not getting paid for that time. Which can make choosing to take time off a difficult choice sometimes. (Please know I realize it's hard for anyone no matter their jobs to take time off, I'm just speaking from my own experience). But I would like to make the argument that taking time off can be as good for you, if not more, than making some extra money. I know, stressing about money or lack there of can be suuuper stressful, but sometimes we get so caught up in the rat race trying to make more more more that we don't pay attention to all the stress we're putting on and in our bodies. It is so important to take time to do what truly brings your heart some peace and joy. Of course just taking the weekend or even a couple hours to "treat yourself" and practice "self love" can do wonders for you but sometimes you need to really unplug. June mentioned yesterday that she has a trip coming up in May and I'm actually on my favorite beach in the whole wide world right now visiting with my family. Combining the beach with my family, especially my little niece and nephew brings me more love and joy than it feels like my body can contain sometimes. You better believe the last thing on my mind is if I should have taken that extra job or not. I guess what I really want to impart on all y'all is to allow yourself to take a break and don't beat yourself up about it. You work your butt off all the time, do what you need to do to feel refreshed and brought back to life so you can better perform your job when you get back!


Happy Hump Day!


Soma & Ulte 


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