4 Flirty Floral Outfits to Wear On A Date

April 22, 2019


Happy Easter Monday, everyone!  We are dedicating this week to floral prints.  Why?  Because nothing says Spring like beaaaauuuuutiful flowers. 


In terms of style, Spring is a time to get a little saucy, show some more skin, and bust out of that cold winter cocoon.  I absolutely love it because it's totally acceptable and encouraged to wear more fun colors.. pastels, neons, rainbows... you name it, it's probably gonna put a smile on your face.  And It's also getting warm enough to be outside and to do fun activities, especially more date ideas!  So this post I'll talk about 5 flirty floral outfit ideas I came up with for your next date with your significant other, Tinder swipe, girlfriends, etc....


1.  The Outdoor Picnic/Stroll in the Park Date


This outfit is great for an outdoor picnic date or a walk in the park.  If you're taking a stroll in these awesome flared jeans you won't worry that it'll blow up suddenly in the wind (I've given some unwanted "free shows" while wearing skirts on windy dates haha) or be uncomfortable to wear sitting down on your picnic blanket. 


Practically speaking- this a great option because it's right in between dressed up and casual.  The pants may be more low key, but the floral top really brings in the flirty romance. 



I mean look at it!  The off-the-shoulder top with the bell sleeve really screams Juliet.  All you need is your Romeo and you're on your way....



TIP:  Because of large and billowy the sleeves are, I'd definitely choose to wear more of a tight fitting bottom or you'll risk adding more weight to your frame than you actually have.



 2.  The Let's Check Out This Band Date


This button front midi dress is ideal for a casual outdoor or indoor concert.  It's vibrant color is super playful.  Because of the button front you can manipulate the "sexy factor" to your will.  If you unbutton the bottom of the skirt, you can show more leg and if you unbutton the top you can show more cleavage!  TIP:  If it gets cold I would throw on a denim jacket to be safe.  The Cali nights can get pretty chilly.










































 3.  The Garden Wedding Date


Oh, the wedding date.  Usually this is a big deal for dates (depending on whose wedding it is), but regardless you know the basic rule for what to wear to this event:  No white (depending on the culture).  So, yes, the rules here are pretty flexible, but for a Garden wedding this dress is a great option.  It's got the floral print, it is a faux wrap-around dress shape, which is usually very forgiving on numerous body types.  It's also sexy yet pretty conservative.  I think your date wouldn't be disappointed walking arm in arm with you.


TIP:  Since this dress has so many colors, you can choose any of the colors from the floral pattern for the color of your jacket, camisole, cardigan, or pashmina scarf.  It's good to stick to solid colors as an additional layer since this one is busy enough.






















































4.  Meet the Parents Date


This sweater and skirt combo is ideal for having lunch or dinner with the parents for the first time.  It's definitely fun and flirty with the sequin floral skirt, but it is toned down and classy with a cozy top.  I think this would give a warm first impression!  TIP:  You can wear a silky tank top underneath the sweater in case you get too hot in the sweater while you're there OR as a surprise sexy layer you can shed post meetup!  




Goodness, I realized I could have made this list about 20 suggestions long because I love this pattern so much LOL.   However, I will spare you!  Let me know which one if your favorite.  We'd love to hear!




Soma & Ulte

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