A True Wellness Wednesday Post

April 24, 2019

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Let me start by saying how very important I think today’s post is. It’s something we can all relate to and something I think almost all of us may struggle with. So, there will not be an original post by me this Friday and for that I truly, sincerely apologize. There will still be a post but it’s not something I’ve made or pictures I’ve taken. Ok, so now some back story. On Saturday I got back from visiting my family at the beach but on that trip my sweet little angel niece had just gotten over the flu that was then passed on to my brother-in-law who subsequently passed it to my sister who developed strep throat.  So try as I did to fight it, I was next on the chopping block but didn’t feel any symptoms until I was on my flight. (Very important side note, I’m praying my precious nephew somehow avoids the whole thing). My plan when I got back to LA was to make what I had planned, and photograph Friday’s post but as I started feeling worse and worse I was trying to just push through. I had a responsibility to you, our readers and to June, my partner and soulmate (I realize that makes us sound like significant others but whatever, I’m sticking with it). That’s when it occurred to me, if June was feeling this way I would 100% want her to rest and do everything she needed to do to get better and I felt certain she would feel the same (she did in fact agree rest was the best medicine).  That’s also when it hit me that I think we all do this. I started a long shoot yesterday and I knew I would suffer through the entire project if I didn’t care for myself first. Not to mention getting the entire crew sick and continuing the cycle. So I did something we ALL need to do sometimes, I gave myself permission to put my health (and therefore everyone else I come in contact with) first. I really do apologize for not having my own piece for you this Friday but I feel fairly certain that you all will forgive me for that. And if you don’t, I still respect your opinion and appreciate you continuing to read until this point. So thank you for hanging in with me in today’s post and I promise there’s still a killer post on Friday that I make tweaks to someone else’s beautiful idea! I hope you’ll check back then. I hope you all have a beautiful wellness Wednesday and please please take care of yourself!



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