What to Wear To Your Next Meet-Up

April 29, 2019


It's not always a good thing, but first impressions can really make an impact.  Whether you're going on a date for the first time or you're going into a business meeting, showing up in something that reflects your personality can really make a difference. 


When I was costume designing features, my job was to design clothes that spoke for the character before they even say a word.  Do you notice that when you watch a movie?  A character walks in, and almost immediately, your brain starts computing who they are, are they "good" or "bad", what kind of personality they might have, or even how much money they make- purely on what they're wearing.  Clothing tells a story.  This is why I love my job so much because everyone is a storyteller... you just need to learn what you're communicating!



So what's the secret?  How do we choose what to wear?



Here are the top 3 things to ask yourself before picking out what to wear to your next meet-up:



1.  Where are you going?


Business meeting, date, formal restaurant, picnic, gala.... it all matters.  They all give you guidance for how you to choose.  Casual, dressy casual, or fancy outfit?  If it's a casual business meeting, you could wear a blazer with a t-shirt and jeans.  If it's a professional meeting in a 5 star hotel with future investors, perhaps you'd wear a luxurious pant suit.  Or if you're going on a fun date at a cute cafe like me, you can wear this neon pink OOTD! 


Note:  If you guys haven't been, Cha Cha Matcha is one of the places I just discovered that has delicious ceremonial grade matcha.  It doesn't taste like pure earth like my husband prefers, but it tastes like heaven, which I prefer!   Also, if you're in LA and matcha obsessed like we are, you can take a look at our previous date night post talking all about our favorite spots.



2.  What is your favorite color to wear (personal meet-up) or what is your brand color (business meeting)?


If you're going out for an in-person gathering, you can also abide by a VERY Soma & Ulte principle:  It's all about the color!  And if you didn't realize by now, color has a huge influence on the way you see yourself and the way you see others!  On top of that, choosing your favorite color to wear can be an fastest way to build up your confidence.  You know that color that always gets you compliments or really makes your eyes pop?  This is the time to throw that on.  Before a meet-up you want to make sure you're exuding confidence in who you are and what you're wearing.  Your favorite color is usually your power color!  This is a great way to make your next choice on what to wear.



I personally love, love, LOVE wearing neon pink.  The tanner I get the more it pops and my skin looks healthier. It's also a very playful and festive color, which makes me feel flirty when I wear it.  Also, when other people see it on me, I've gotten feedback that it reminds them of FUN.  Perhaps it's in the neon family, which is also synonymous for kids crayons, 80s, and raves.  All things I personally love lol.  



Funny enough, this #OOTD could also pass for a business meeting in the summertime for Soma & Ulte.  Our personal brand colors are hot pink, light pink, and white, so this could definitely work.  However, I probably would skip the gold heels and swap them with my white converse leather sneakers to be less sexy and far more approachable.  If your business has particular brand colors, it would be good to try to incorporate them in your options.  It really can sell you and your product....



I mean, goodness gracious, I have the Soma & Ulte patch on my purse.... I always enjoy repping our gear!  And, every time I do, it's a conversation starter.


3.  How does it make you feel?


This is by far my favorite question and my whole philosophy as a stylist!!!  I think clothing is amazing because it has the power to help you heal, conceal, or give you the feels.  It can heal you from feeling weak to empowered, it can serve as an invisibility cloak on the days you don't want to be seen, or it can make you cry because you've never looked better in your life (or, let's be real, worse). 


I personally don't believe in brand power in the real world.  Sure, in movies or music videos... for celebrities or musicians.... totally different story.  However, for you and me?  I've seen a dress from Target have the same impact on a person as a dress from Saks.  Clothing can be transformational, so be sure to think about the next time you choose something for a meet-up.  You know the emotions tied to your closet more than anyone.  So choose the one that makes you feel unstoppable!



Or, if that feels too overwhelming, pick one thing that really gives your emotions a boost.  For me, I wanted to feel extra sexy for my date, so I busted out my Schutz gold stilettos.  I rarely wear them unless it's a special occasion.  Also because I know I can lean on and count on my husband's arm to anchor me when we get into street rubble LOL.  Newborn baby giraffe learning how to walk is not cute in human form.  Just sayin'.



So go out there and be bold for your next meet-up!  I promise you, taking a moment to ask yourself these 3 questions will really make a difference.  





Soma & Ulte








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