A Festive Fiesta

May 3, 2019


Cinco de Mayo is in just two days and y'all know we love any excuse to celebrate! And we're packing today's post full! We've got a diy and two fun drink ideas!


First we have our DIY "fiesta" sign! I love this diy because you can make it say anything you want and make it perfect for any occasion! For this you'll need sculpey clay in white and any color paint, I used Martha Stewart paint in Party Streamer. Roll out your dough into a long snake like fashion and then fold it into whatever word or phrase you're using. I did mine free handed as you can tell, if/when I do this project again I would probably print out the word ahead of time so I can make cleaner letters. But hey! That's what I'm here for right? To make the mistakes so you don't have to! Then bake your dough according to the back of the package. Once your dough is baked and cooled you can then paint the dough. Let it dry then use some string or fishing wire and hang proudly!


Next is our first cocktail idea. As y'all probably know by now my personal drink of choice is either a margarita or paloma of some sort and there are sooooo many delicious recipes out there for both. To make them fun and festive and to add a little color I like the idea of adding some fruit juice to the mix. For example let's say you're making Blood Orange Margaritas, freeze some blood orange juice in popsicle molds and place them in your cocktail right before you serve them. This is especially refreshing on a hot day.

This last one is one of my favorite little tricks, I have this shot glass mold and it's perfect for making any drink feel extra special, even virgin drinks. It's the same idea as the popsicle, let's say this time you're making a Strawberry Chamomile Paloma. Freeze some strawberry juice in your shot glass molds and serve the drink or even just a shot of tequila in your "frozen strawberry glasses" and you're all set! I even played around with filling the molds with half water and half juice (see the ones in the back) and loved how those turned out too. Or try layering juices to get a striped or ombre effect!


And you wanna know the best part about all of these? They are all made ahead of time which means when it's party time you can actually party too! No being stuck in the kitchen for you this Cinco de Mayo!! Happy fiesta!



Soma & Ulte 



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