OOTDs for the Sporty Gal (That Isn't Workout Gear)

May 6, 2019


If you find yourself staying in, going out, cooking, eating, sleeping, and overall LIVING in your workout clothes, this post is for you.  I get it.  When the best/most comfortable/form-fitting/stretchy things in your closet are your yoga pants or sweats, you will 100% choose to wear it.  However that doesn't mean that you can't look great while getting those comforts.  For today's post, I'm giving you 2 different options you can wear out and about that doesn't have to also be your sweaty gym clothes!


Date Night, Going out with Friends, and the Upscale Casual Spring/Summer Event



Stretchy dresses can be your best friend!  It's amazing what a nice bodycon can do for you in a time of need.  What I love about them is that it's a one-piece, so if you have difficulty with decision fatigue (as most of my clients do), you can cut yourself a break.  These dresses can be thrown on in less than a minute and look amazing!  Choosing a bright color can really make you stand out without even trying.  Also, it can be quite a sexy option over your regular gym spandex.  I particularly like this one I have on from ZARA because it can be dressed up with heels or dressed down with these white sneakers.  Not to mention, it was only $19.99!



Also, if you get cold like me and want to throw on a layer, you can easily tie in your sporty #OOTD with a denim jacket!  



I particularly like the ones with a built in hood because it's a lot warmer and more cozy casual than the usual.  Also, it's a nice little sexy reveal when you sit down for your date and remove your jacket.  


Spring Outdoor Concerts, Theme Park Visits, or even Running Errands



I like this look for going to things that could lead to you getting down and dirty!  You've gotta be prepared for whatever may come your way, especially when you know you're gonna be in the great outdoors for a huge chunk of the day.  An oversized hoodie (with a tight tshirt or tank top underneath) is a fantastic way to make a compromise from your normal gym rat outfit.  You can still wear your shorts (preferably not booty yoga pants... I'm wearing tight black denim shorts) to make sure you don't look like you're wearing nothing but the hoodie LOL.  However, if that's your goal, then I'd get an extremely oversized hoodie and throw on some thigh high boots to match a la Rihanna!   STYLE TIP:  Go up 2-3 sizes until the bottom of your hoodie hits just below mid-thigh.



I love this look because it is totally reminiscent of the days when I used to be on a step team and I was wearing more of an Urban street style to get me from point A to point B.  It also reminds me of spending hours outdoors at a music festival and being prepared for any weather.  It would be so hot by noon and I'd tie the hoodie around my waist, but freezing from dusk to dawn.  Also, the neon is quite appropriate for that scene as well.  If you want something more toned down, even an oversized black hoodie can go a long way!



Also, whether you're outside all day at an event or running errands, you can't forget your sporty helper.  Yes, fanny packs are totally great, but I refuse to rock one with this #OOTD because it'll add additional pounds around the belly where there may not be any.  So I've chose this crossbody from TNA instead.  It's got multiple pockets and matches the hoodie perfectly.  


Hope this inspires you to expand your wardrobe horizons!  By giving yourself comfortable yet put together options that integrate the sporty feel, you can still get that cozy vibe without compromising style.  




Soma & Ulte

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