Customize Your Summer Cooler: DIY

May 10, 2019

Y'all, we are *this* close to summer and even though here in LA we're in the middle of "may gray" (which is followed by June gloom, both of which are my least favorite months here) I've got my eyes set on all things summer. So today I'm filling you in on some of my beach essentials and how to customize you own cooler so yours doesn't get lost in a sea of blue coolers.

This is so dang easy it doesn't even require how to steps, simply tape off your cooler so the top and handle is completely covered and then spray paint the entirety of the cooler in whatever shade you fancy and let it dry. Depending on the color you choose you may need to use a primer first. Once it's dry grab some adhesive letters (mine are from Michaels) and write out any word or phrase you like. Personally I'm a big fan of cheesy dad jokes so any play on the fact that it's a cooler is a win in my book. I went with "chill" but I think "be cool" would be cute too!

Then of course fill that bad boy up!

Extra points for packing some crazy straws too, because who doesn't love crazy straws?!

My other go to when I'm at the beach (other than the obvious sunscreen) is some sort of chapstick. And since you're in the sun a chapstick with SPF is necessary

​And last but not least is dry shampoo. I know this may not seem like the most usual thing to bring with you to the beach but other than the fact that I live for this stuff, it's actually perfect for the times you're going straight from the beach to get supper. After putting your sunscreen covered hands through your hair all day long this stuff will make you look put together in a snap

This brand is my favorite and it comes in so many different scents. So if you live somewhere the sun is shining, get out there and soak it up for June and me, we'll be right behind ya! 

Also, as y'all may or may not have noticed June tends to be the star of pictures around here and that's for good reason. In the picture above I'm cracking up because I'm so awkward in front of the camera that when I "posed" for a picture June pointed out that I looked surprised of what I might have packed myself in the cooler, ha! This is why it's always best to have your soul mate around at all times :)


Happy Friday!


Soma & Ulte 







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